Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas cookie madness

Rather than buying presents for our grandmas, Todd had a nice idea to make boxes of baked goods for them.

In theory, this is a wonderful thought. What grandma wouldn't want a box of baked goodies from their grandchildren? However, this has meant I've been baking for four days!

It's been taking a while because we're also trying to get things ready for Todd's mom to visit. She gets in tomorrow. Fitting a batch of gingerbread cookies in around vacuuming, mopping, picking up, etc., has been pretty tight, as you might imagine!

So, after going through the millions of recipes I have I decided the cookie box should include: One mini loaf each of banana bread, some Wyoming-made candy from De's Candy here in Cheyenne, homemade marshmallows (which I've never tried making before and will hopefully get done tonight), and an assortment of decorated sugar and gingerbread cookies.

Todd helped decorate with me last night. I always think starting projects like cookie decorating (or making homemade Christmas cards with Linds H. from potato stamps we cut ourselves) is a good idea until I get about half way through and just want to quit...

Some of the finished product...

A close up...

More cookies! It's madness!

And yes. That is a Coors Light can in the background. That's some product placement, huh?!


Stacey said...

We haven't made any Christmas cookies yet, probably will do that this weekend or next week sometime. The ONLY ones we decorate are our gingerbread men cookies, since those are for Santa.

Grandma will like the treats I bet.

P.S. I HATE decorating or frosting cookies, it's very tedious to me.

MOM said...

I love all the colors! It is a lot of work, but fun if you have time. They will love them. I hope Nancy got there ok. I like the picture of you and Todd both icing the cookies.