Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Turning point

(This is kind of a girly post...)

I went to the mall tonight to find some fun black pants for Todd's office holiday party on Friday night. Yes, I have plenty of regular black pants, but none that are fun.

I went into the fitting rooms at two different stores and was appalled, let me say that again: appalled by my reflection!

I have never understood the reasoning of the folks who design fitting rooms...wouldn't you want the most amazing lighting EVER to make people think they look awesome and then buy lots of stuff? Instead, the lighting is designed to highlight - accentuate, it seems - your every flaw!

That is exactly what happened tonight.

And it was a turning point.

I promptly put my clothes away and resolved to get back into shape.

What has happened to me?!

I'll tell you: I stopped working out consistently.

Running? Ha!

Weight lifting?? Double ha!

Hitting the gym to do something at least 4-5 times a week like I should be? That gets a great big guffaw!


That's it.

I'm angry at myself for slipping like this and I'm going to take it out on the poor machines at the gym.

I make no apologies.


MOM said...

I thought you looked great when we saw you at Thanksgiving. Don't be that hard on yourself.

Stacey said...

You did look great at T-day, but I can tell you exactly what offense...Todd happened.
Just like with Tony, you get comfortable, find other things to do because you are busy hanging out with the one you love, you tend to eat a little more because you are cooking for two, cuddling instead of working out, etc. The list goes on. When Tony and I first started dating I weighed 135 - after losing a bunch of weight freshman year - now look at me. I'm a huffelump. :) I know I'm pregnant and had three kids already, but that's not excuse. I am a HUGE version of myself. That will hopefully all change after Tess is born, but just so to answer your question. Love and Todd happened. It's not his fault, it's just the way it is! :)