Monday, February 4, 2008

One for the Road

Given my track record for having things stolen in D.C., and the bad omen I was apparently born under, most of you readers won't be a bit surprised to learn that another possession of mine has fallen into the hands of a D.C. criminal.

I understand that many of you might stop reading at this point. I mean, why waste time reading a story you've heard time and time again?

But for those of you who are still with me, let me fill you was my bike. (Quick aside - did PeeWee's Great Adventure pop into anyone else's head here except my sisters'?)


Twenty-six days before I'm supposed to leave - for a place where I can actually enjoy my bike - it's stolen.

What I would like to say is, “COME ON!! Give me a break! I can NOT believe this happened the month I’m supposed to leave!”

But I can’t. Because it’s simply so believable.

In fact, I would nearly go so far as to say this is pretty darn fitting. It just wouldn't feel right to leave without having at least one more thing stolen. It’s almost a little sweet. Like maybe the city was trying to say, "Here you go old pal…here's one for old time's sake!"

This was hardly my first reaction however. That was to curse like a sailor after my friend told me he didn't see it chained to his storage cage the way he left it.

You might be shocked to know that I still find it slightly curious, even after all the things stolen and knowing how my luck runs, that this has happened.

I mean, isn’t it a little baffling that, of the nearly 15 other bikes in the same area, some of them barely secured, that the thief would walk to the most hidden storage cage in the darkest corner of the parking garage and choose my bike?

I still kind of think so. Even with three incidents of grand theft auto, multiple purse, phone, and credit card thefts, and a number of other unlucky scenarios.

Even after all of that, I just don’t get it.

But maybe I’m not supposed to. Maybe I’m just supposed to say, “Thanks, D.C., for helping me feel better about leaving and for doing little things like this to help ease the pain of our parting.”

See? That IS sweet!


Kelly said...

That sucks it go stolen, especially right before moving to Colorado of all places. It is like PW's Big Adventure though, so at least you can laugh at that aspect of the situation. :)

roxie.merritt said...

Great blog Kim

roxie.merritt said...

Wow Kim, your original blog post had lots of stuff I didn't know about DC like the light on in the capitol building and I didn't know there was a place for country dancing "Nicks" in the area. You should have been doing this blog all along. I bet local advertisers would have bought ads on your blog. That sucks about your bike though...just think of it as Karma outfitting you with all new stuff for an all new life.

Stacey said...

Well, it's not good to get your bike stolen, but you know that Colorado is probably the capitol of bike shops, so I bet you find one that is even better! A new bike for a new place. It's almost fitting to leave the D.C. bike behind!

Jeffrey said...

This is not surprising and yet she still holds to the story that her purse was stolen from my living room during mimosa monday. hmmmm... I think the track record proves that it was probably left somewhere.