Friday, February 29, 2008

Packing Thought

I hate asking my friends to come over and help me pack and paint, but when you're a girl with no job, professional movers just don't fit in the budget!

So, tomorrow a few folks are going to help me get everything done.

The one person who will NOT be here is the friend I always swore would be the only one to help me when I decided to leave. That is because I helped this particular friend move several times over the years. Just me. And one time in the middle of the night. And always with garbage bags as his "boxes."

You know who you are...and you're lucky you're in L.A.!


The Oracle of Iniquity said...

Why do you think I was the first one to move? I didn't want to have to move 8 years worth of your shoes, dresses and halloween costumes (or are they all one in the same)

It is Midnight right now (your time) and sean wood says you are out dancing on the floor. I just left you a message guessing that you lost your phone, purse, are about to get kicked out of the bar and then will discover your car and uhaul are all missing -- that would be the cherry on the top of your dc living.

Stacey said...

Well, you are close...she did get her purse stolen again - right? ;) Last night on the town, wouldn't be right if it just wouldn't have happened!