Monday, February 25, 2008

(Tail) Pipe Dreams

With four days to go before packing up a U-Haul I should be, well, packing. Instead I spent my entire morning at the D.C. DMV's adjudication services. This was done just so I can spend even more time with them tomorrow trying to fix what was screwed up today. What a black hole for time, efficiency, logic, and justice that place is.

I will not mince words here: I HATE THE D.C. DMV. Hate. Hate. Hate.

If I had one final wish on my way out of here it would not be one of good fortunate for the DMV.

I really would like to spend more time and detail on exactly what my wishes for the DMV would be, but will refrain at the risk of landing myself in prison for expressing some highly illegal desires.

On the other hand, the afternoon was much more productive. I spent it with U-Haul getting the hitch put on my vehicle and all the wiring taken care of for the trailer.

I'm pretty darn proud of that hitch. I feel like my car has become a real Colorado car. Like putting it on there just made it more rugged and...mountain-y. It just makes me want to pull things - boats, snowmobiles, trailers filled with livestock...doesn't matter. I just want to pull it down the road!

Now, if the DMV would just get out of my way!

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