Thursday, February 28, 2008

Those Hawk and Dove...


(You must sing the title like the last line of Summer Nights from Grease...)

I was never a Cap Lounge girl.  My heart has always belonged to the Hawk.  

The two are similar - dark, dingy, sports and CNN on the televisions, political paraphernalia on the walls - but there are differences and I always felt more at home at the ol' H&D.  

So I went there yesterday afternoon for one last drink.  It being 3:15 in the afternoon, Edgar wasn't there to serve it to me, but it was nice to sit there all the same. 

The place is such a local watering hole, attracting everyone from old timers, young professionals, Hill rats, Marines from the barracks on 8th, and 18-year olds on the under 21 night (wait, that's about any night...).  

I've gone there for birthday drinks, one to end the day drinks, more to end the night drinks, to watch the political returns, debates, and presidential speech drinks, just want to dance drinks, or to sit and have brunch drinks.

I love the old colonial pub font on everything there, and the coveted window seat up front. 

How many times have I checked the clock hanging like a giant pocket watch from the ceiling for the time?  

And the stories!  What about the night we played "who can get a guy to dance with them first?" Or the friend who decided it would be a good idea to relieve himself in the men's bathroom sink?!  Or how about my friend's now husband telling the DJ he and I were engaged just so we could hear some Bon Jovi!!  HA!  There are the countless, truly countless, nights CK and I would sit there drinking and talking and drinking some more, and I'll never forget the burgers he and I had there late on 9-11 after a long hard day of work from his living room.  

I sat yesterday and thought about all these things.  Then I wrote Edgar a little note on the back of a napkin thanking him for the all the drinks and good times over the years.

Oh my, those Hawk and Dove nights...

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Erin said...

Welcome back to the good state. :)