Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It's snowing today in D.C. - and sticking! This is pretty much a first for us this year. I just told a friend in Wyoming that I hope this results in a snowday tomorrow. She told me I sounded like a fourth grader.

I'm ok with that, for the next week and a half anyway. She lives in a part of the country where snowdays mean something entirely different, and I'm not gonna lie, I will rather miss a free day off here and there.

See, in D.C., if there's even a minute chance of snow during the day, schools will be delayed or closed, businesses will be on liberal leave, and the federal government will be monitoring the weather for early dismissal.

Out West? Forget it. The snow has to basically be half-way up your house for it to be mildly acceptable for a person to miss work. But even at that, you know deep down your employer is wondering why you didn't put chains on your tires and make it in. And if you don't have chains (and why wouldn't you?!) you could have snowshoed or skied there...

Ok, it might not be that hardcore, but the expectations are definitely different.

We haven't had a snow day yet this year, and while I agree with my friend that shutting down for an inch of snow is rather ridiculous, the fourth grader in me can't help but keep my fingers crossed.

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Stacey said...

Omaha schools were closed Wednesday due to cold. They had already closed by 8pm the night before because they were anticipating -25 with windchill at 7:00am when kids would be standing at the bus stops. But why cancel? Why not delay????