Monday, September 22, 2008

Avoiding the Inevitable?

Last week a local news report warned residents that car theft in the area is up.


We all know what that means...I'm somewhere on the hit list.

But I'm trying to avoid this inevitable fate.

The police chief said it was primarily due to people leaving their keys in their car. This I do not do. Yes, I know I did this once in D.C. - and it was the only time my car should have been stolen but wasn't.

Here people leave their keys in the ignition - with the car running. Particularly in the winter when you don't want to warm/defrost your car again after a five minute trip into the post office. I guess thieves are just now catching on that if ever there was a time to get the job done, this might be it.

Car theft/damage hit close to home a few weeks ago when my coworker's girlfriend's car was broken in to. Her purse, iPod, credit cards, phone, everything was gone. They left the car, however.

Being a victim of stolen purses, and stolen cars, and sometimes the two together...I could sympathize.

The cop told my coworker that car theft and burglary was on the rise, and there had been a rash of incidents recently around town.

I know I am an absolute magnet for theft, but I am determined to turn my fate around. They will not get me! Not this time! Not in this town...!

Do you hear


Anonymous said...

Kim - I NEVER had car issues in DC, but we have had a hell of a time in San Diego. Our (new) car had its rear license stolen and then the day after my b-day someone smashed my window and stole our GPS while it was parked on Dave's family's quiet little street. go figure.

Stacey said...

You know what I never your friend in Cheyenne who got her stuff stolen...who leaves their purse in the car? I would think that would be just inviting ill wishers. When we first moved to Omaha before Owen was imagined, we were so used to living the "Wyoming life" that Tony didn't think to take the cover off of his cd player, and our very first night in our brand new apartment, someone busted the window out of his purple honda and stole the whole stero system! That's when we lived on the good side of town. Now we live literally in the ghetto and (knock on wood) have NEVER had an issue in three years! Maybe cause all the theives go to West Omaha to steal more expensive stuff!

MOM said...

Oh great. It's difficult to keep shutting off your car in the winter, but I do. I don't want to take any chances. If I have to leave my purse in the car for a short time, I hide it in front of the seat, or under as much as possible. Kimberly,I'm sure you'll do everything you can to avoid a theft. Stacey, I remember that happening. It's so maddening.