Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Review

When my parents were here my mom found this book at City News - my favorite coffee shop and little bookstore in downtown Cheyenne. She picked it up for one of my nephews who has a birthday coming up.

It is SO cute. So, so, so cute! The story, the illustrations...cute. I want to own it for myself, but I think mom got the last copy. It's nowhere to be found!

It makes the blog because it's all about going West.

A highly recommended read...


Elly P. said...

Ha! This should be our new book club pick. : )

MOM said...

I loved the book, and thought since purple is Raymond's favorite color right now, and the story was so cute about going out West, it had to be this one for Raymond's 3rd birthday. The author did a great job with small illustrations and detail, and guess what...the story is about a real horse she has. Stacey, I hope Raymond liked it.