Monday, September 1, 2008

Wyoming Trip Wrap-Up

I'm back in Cheyenne after a long week of work and vacation. I made a huge loop through the state and saw lots of friends along the way - I absolutely loved my trip.

After I stopped working for the Senator I had no real reason to travel outside Laramie (where my girlfriends are) or Gillette (where my parents were), and after my parents moved to Colorado I really didn't get around the state at all. I could barely contain my excitement as I set out last week.

Because I was so busy I didn't have a ton of time to post, so let's do a little recap of the week...

Last Saturday I went through Casper on my way through Cody and stayed with my friends Jeff and Linda. It was so fun to see them and Paul and Carrie! We went to brunch at The Cottage, my favorite restaurant in Casper, then I stopped by my old apartment building before heading out of town.

I pulled into Cody on Sunday afternoon and spent most of the week helping out with a work event. After the event ended Wednesday night, I became a tourist in Cody, rediscovering how much I really like that town.

While I was there I hit about every coffee shop in town, sampled most major restaurants (including the Proud Cut, the Rib and Chop, Adriano's, the sushi place - which has a great eel roll and a FANTASTIC cab, and La Comida), had breakfast at several places including Granny's, the Irma Hotel, and a couple of coffee shops, and even attended a Rotary Club luncheon and an open reception for the Art Show at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

Let's talk about the Art Show for a sec. It was absolutely amazing! First of all it was open to the public and free - including heavy hors 'd oeuvres, drinks and a band. And the art work! So much of it was incredible and I wished desperately that I had an extra $30k lying around to bid on something. I was completely impressed with artists like Carrie Ballantyne, Michael Coleman, Julie Jeppsen, Kyle Sims, Gordon McConnell and Robert Pummill.

I went into Yellowstone National Park on Friday, which I had only ever driven through once. I really wanted to see Old Faithful, which I had never done, and had my fingers crossed for some exciting wildlife like a wolf or a bear. Instead I saw about a zillion buffalo, which was still cool.

I eventually met up again with my friend Sam. We had drinks at The Irma then made our way out to Cassie's on the edge of town for what we thought would be a night of country dancing, but turned into karaoke, since there wasn't a band.

Funny story about this bar: several years ago I nearly got in a bar-room brawl with some biker chick...I was singing my signature song at the time, Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made for Walkin', when she came up and told me I was singing her song. I said sorry, shoulda signed up for it before me. She proceeded to try to sing with me and man...I wasn't happy.

On Saturday I made my way through the Big Horns, which might easily be one of my favorite areas in the state, to my friend Candice's. Her in-laws own Arrowhead and Bear Lodge's, two tucked in the woods places that I want to go back to this winter. After a trip to the Medicine Wheel, we had a delicious dinner at the Bear, then went home to settle in for the night.

The next morning, I kept heading east towards Sheridan where I met up with my old friend Jesus and his family for lunch. I love the Sheridan downtown. It's just full of cute boutiques, fun old bars and neat restaurants. However, it being Sunday not much was open. So, I got back on the road for home.

I took a swing through Buffalo, another town I love, and Story, which looks just like something from the pages of a story book.

I finally pulled into Cheyenne around 7 p.m. Sunday night, eight days after beginning my little tour of the state.

It feels like I was gone forever! How time flies when you're having fun!

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Jonna said...

Hey, why didn't you mention stopping in Kaycee? Don't you think that was once of the highlights?? Love!