Wednesday, September 3, 2008

'Tis the season

It is so fall here right now, and I love it!

Fall comes quickly to this part of the county, and unfortunately it leaves just as fast. A nice long fall is definitely one thing I will miss about the East.

But the short season won't hold me back. Unlike most animals that start to slow down during this time, my planning starts to ramp up.

This is my time for pumpkin picking outings and pumpkin carving parties...picking Halloween costumes and Halloween parties. I want hayrides, and corn mazes, hiking in the fall colors, and early morning runs where you can just see your breath. Fall makes me want to read bios and history books and classics. I also want to have more dinner parties than ever in the fall with rich, red wines and spiked cider around my new fireplace. This year I'm looking forward to Wyoming Cowboys football games, which I haven't been to in seven years.

And even though I hate being truly cold - like winter cold - I like planning cold weather events in the fall. Like snowshoeing trips, game nights with wine, and renting a cabin with friends. This year I want to try cross-country skiing, and I've got a trip in the works to go back to Arrowhead and Bear Lodges to hang out with Candice and do some snowmobiling.

But that's a different season...

Right now, in fall, I'm roasting a head of garlic and last night I made a loaf of banana bread. I like to cook in all seasons, but fall just drives me into the kitchen to slice root vegetables with one hand while sipping an awesome cab from the other.

Ahhh, fall.

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MOM said...

I love Fall, too, Kimberly, and am glad it's finally cooling down here in Missouri! I'm ready for the leaves to turn (some are now), and to have soups and stews for meals, and start a fire in our outdoor fireplace. Last year Kelly and I raked leaves and about froze, but had the fire nearby, and the outdoor light to see by. I, however, am not ready for the snow to fly. It sounds like you have a lot of things planned for the "dormant" season.