Sunday, September 14, 2008

Go Pokes!

Yesterday I went to my first Wyoming Cowboys game in about seven years. I was so excited!

I've been a good Wyoming alum while on the East Coast, attending watching parties, wearing my brown and gold, talking smack to folks from Colorado...etc.

But actually being at the stadium far surpassed any games watched at Crystal City Sports Pub.

Being there, I noticed how many things were the same - and how many things had changed! Like Tailgate Park. What?! And the giant screens on both ends of the field. When did that happen??

The student section isn't one bit different though, or the old War Memorial Stadium sign, or the view of the mountains from the stadium...all the same.

Oh, and we won! Beat North Dakota. Go WYO!

At Tailgate Park before the game with my friend Annie:
The UW Marching Band at Tailgate Park:

Annie and I with Wyoming's First Lady:

My friend Brandon and I in the Brown and Gold tent. If I look a little scared of Brandon it's because I am:

Good ol' War Memorial:

Jumbo what?

Part of the half-time show:


Stacey said...

Those jumbo screens were there last time I went to a game, and that was when Owen was 3 months old, remember?

P.S. I hate you! :)

MOM said...

I like the cursive WY formation. That's neat. I just love the spirit in that area.

MOM said...

I meant to put WYO.