Saturday, September 13, 2008

Like Goldilocks, Only Not

My parents left this morning after staying with me for a few days.

It was fun. They got to see the town, my office, the apartment, etc. The first day we mostly ran errands, but yesterday was a bit more eventful.

First off was a talk downtown by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia, which was really, really interesting. Not only was what he had to say entertaining, but he's just a funny guy. Of all the things I did in D.C., visiting the Supreme Court was not one of them. I guess looking back, I always sort of wanted to, but it just seemed like kind of a hassle. So, se la vie.

After the talk we busted over to Laramie so my dad could have a lunch meeting. My mom and I ate at the Overland, which I always forget about, and I always love!

When we got back to Cheyenne we checked out the Greek Festival which was insanely popular, but not exactly the scene we were looking for, so we took ourselves to the Little Bear Inn instead. I've been wanting to check this place out for a while now, and we were all glad we did!

According to the Website, the Little Bear, "In its heyday, it was a stop for weary travelers, a saloon and casino and a haven of sorts for outlaws." It's been going strong since the 1870s.

We enjoyed great steaks, good wine, and even a little singing entertainment by a local couple. It turned out to be just the place we were looking for - with kitschy things like this:

Weird and funny all at once...

Not exactly the cuddly teddy on their signs, but who can pass up a bear hug? I think I also may be this bear's cub, given the similar hair colors. This picture counts as my Friday Fave...


Kelly said...

I blew up the photo. Nice bear pic, but now all I can see is the antelope rear - Wyoming owl, funny - and the Jackaloupe whizzin' on the fire hydrant (what's up with that one?)

MOM said...

I know Kelly. Just a bit of Western humor, I guess. I thought that was funny, too. On their sign, they have a little teddy bear, nice and sweet:) The couple playing was our age or older, and they were really pretty good. They played all kinds of instruments, and sang our era of songs. The place was packed. Kimberly, for a short visit, we still had fun. I enjoyed Scalia's talk, too, and the lunch in Laramie. An old (actually young) school friend of mine from Gillette came and visited with us, too, since she lives and works in Laramie. We had the typical weather...rain and hail all of a sudden, too.