Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home on the Range Happenings

Today has been a big day - around the ol' homestead anyway.

After starting my day with a nice run and a skim latte from my favorite coffee shop (and talking to a random hitchhiker who was also enjoying a cup of coffee as he travels to Jackson Hole), I came home to get some major work done around my apartment.

The place is coming along slowly but surely. I still have some things I need, like lamps and another end table for the living room, and there's also some stuff that needs organized and unpacked, but all in all it's coming along.

Today, three major things happened to bring me closer to my dream dwelling (at least for now):

1. My landlord told me I can paint. I've had this project in mind for a while, but have taken my sweet time in getting around to asking my landlord if he cared. He doesn't! So, now I embark on one of those projects that I get super excited about at first then annoyed with about a quarter of the way through.

2. My fireplace is working. I have been asking my landlord for several months to show me how to get it going. His wife stopped by today and got it up and running, which I find very, very exciting. I've never had a working fireplace in an apartment before. My whole family is coming for Christmas - the first I've ever hosted (hard to do in a studio) - and I've had very Norman Rockwell-ish visions of the holiday, all of which involve a crackling fire.

3. I found curtains for my bedroom. This is important because my windows look out on a major street in town. When there were leaves on the bushes in front of the house I didn't care. But with winter there are obviously no more leaves, so I've been wanting a little something to keep any peeping Toms at bay.

Ahhh...home sweet home.


MOM said...

Have you decided on colors? Every little touch helps, doesn't it. Yayyyy, the fireplace is going! Looks cozy.

MOM said...

What's the picture above the fireplace? Looks like a sunset, also.