Friday, November 7, 2008

Only in Wyoming

Tumbleweeds only tumble when there's something to make them go, and yesterday's wind caused a tumbleweed torrent!

Tumbleweeds tumbled by the thousands, collecting in people's yards and basically becoming a nuisance.

A lady I work with actually had to get a ride to work because so many tumbleweeds collected in front of her garage she was unable to get out.

Municipal services set-up a special pick-up time tomorrow for people to get rid of the troublesome tumbleweeds.

The Casper Star Tribune even wrote a story on the event.

Only in Wyoming...


Stacey said...

Like the fact that you all ride in covered wagons and use buffalo pies to light your stove! :) You mean that only in Wyoming "stuff"? :)

MOM said...

I have never heard of anything like this happening in town, but can believe it. I remember in Gillette taking our pickup and a pitchfork and getting all the dry tumbleweed all along the driveway and hauling it down by the house and burning it. I'm sure it's a nuisance, but I kind of miss seeing it. Remember the sagebrush being huge, too, girls? Mary Kelley came out with a chain saw and cut some down for her Wyoming Events displays. Ahhhh, yes, Wyoming. You gotta love it!