Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hot to (Turkey) Trot

This morning my friend Annie and I ran a Turkey Trot, a nice little 5k to benefit the COMEA House in town.

The COMEA House provides services to the homeless in Cheyenne, so it was a feel-good way to start the day. Also, I haven't done a race since the BoulderBoulder earlier this year and was excited to sign up for something.

There was a good turn out, but still small enough to make it fun and non-competitive.

We had a good time then treated ourselves to a fancy coffee (as Jeff Mack calls them) at City News, my favorite coffee shop downtown.

This picture cracks me up! The look on the turkey's face is HILARIOUS! And I have no idea why I'm standing like a super hero...


Stacey said...

Because you saved the turkey from Thanksgiving dinner. He looks a little crazy because he just escaped being put on a plate. It's his frazzled look.

MOM said...

He looks a little cross-eyed. He doesn't know which gal to look at. It sounded like fun and a good benefit.