Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Super Bowl

I've thought all day how I may just ignore the returns tonight and wake up tomorrow morning with a new president - kind of like Christmas morning!

In reality, I knew I couldn't help myself and I would flip them on to at least listen.

I was more interested, however, after a friend texted me from the Hawk & Dove bar in D.C., an old watering hole for me. Suddenly I really wanted to be there too.

Politics is a sporting event in D.C., and this is the Super Bowl. People are packed into bars across the city right now, gathered around televisions, drinking, discussing strategy, and cheering for their "team."

It's exciting. So exciting. After my friend's text I was a little sad - and very jealous - because I also wanted to be in the thick of things with everyone!

Don't misunderstand - people care here too. It's just different in D.C. - there it's politics on steroids.

I admit though, since being out here I've generally cared less about the details of what's going on there. So, I guess it's most appropriate that I'm not at some bar with a bunch of political fanatics, but on my couch with a glass of wine and my pj's.

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