Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Gym

Today, I FINALLY joined a gym.

I already feel so much better and more motivated just knowing I now have someplace to go.

For years, I belonged to the Thomas Circle Sports Club in D.C., which I absolutely love, love, loved. Since quitting my membership there I've "belonged" to a couple other gyms: using Carrie's membership at the club in Vail, and signing up for, but never using, a membership at the Laramie Rec Center.

After months of talking about signing up, but never following through, I was finally fed up. I went and signed my lazy butt self away.

It's not within walking distance like my beloved TCSC, but it's super nice. And, might I add, for all its amenities is super cheap!

I can get over not being just a few blocks away.

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