Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chicago - Arrival

I left on Sunday for Chicago on a 10-day work trip.

I flew out of the Cheyenne airport on Sunday for the first time in years. Those planes are kind of fun because I feel sort of "outbackish," but really they're a little unpleasant. I'm not a fan of turbulance (who is?!) and there's a lot of it on those little 20-seaters.

After a nice delay in Denver I finally landed at O'Hare. Generally, I am running through this airport and have never had to exit it. So, when I had to find my hotel shuttle I was a little lost. It just wasn't completely clear. So, I asked a couple cops by the door I thought I was supposed to go out of. The cop who answered was very helpful and not without some quirky humor. He seemed tickled that I was from Wyoming, asked if I was a cowgirl (I was wearing my boots so I showed them off), and then handed me a "get out of jail free" card that was apparently only good if I got in trouble in Chicago. How did he know?

I was/am so excited to be in the "big city." I have mixed emotions about going to a new city. It's so fun to discover a new place, but I like to be the person who KNOWS a place. It's just frustrating to me when I don't already know all the cool places to go. Fortunately, I know a few people here and they're very good travel guides and hosts.

The view out my plane window on my way from Cheyenne...


MOM said...

Great Picture! Glad you got there ok.

Greg (We know each other from ASUW) said...

Find your way to the Green Mill, Sunday evening. Trust me on this.