Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chicago - Day 2

I was in a really good social media conference all day Monday and Tuesday at a hotel out by O'Hare.

Let me just tell you: there is NOTHING going on at O'Hare.

So, after a very informative day of "conferencing" I headed downtown to meet up with Tyler. Oh yeah. He's here. Where is Tyler not?

I took myself to the nearest Metro, subway, El - whatever it's called here - stop, and tried to figure out how to meet Tyler downtown. I've always heard D.C.'s and Chicago's train systems are supposed to be "sisters" to one another, and I could see that. They're very similar. However, I really believe D.C.'s metro is nicer and has a broader range throughout the city. The cars on the Chicago train remind me of the NYC subway and there is really only one hub here to change trains and go to other parts of town.

I finally found Tyler and we went to the Signature Room at the Hancock Building for a drink. It's one of those sky lounges with a 360 degree view of the city. It was touristy, and amazing! I secretly love sky lounges. Being back in the "big city" looking out at all the lights and...cityness... going on around me made me want a martini. It was worth it - all $12 of it. It did, however, make me miss one thing about smaller towns - cheap drinks.

From the sky lounge, Tyler and I embarked on an ultimately fruitless quest to find a recommended blues bar. I love blues. I wanted blues. And if I'm going to be in a famed blues city I want to hear it.

We ultimately landed at a blues bar and restaurant and enjoyed some good food and an AMAZING band. A-maz-ing.

Then I made my way back to BFE Chicago for some rest before my final conference day.

Heading in...

The view...!

The blues bar we finally landed at...

In blues country...!

I had jambalaya (left) and Tyler had stuffed catfish...delish!

The rockin' band!!

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