Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chicago - Day 3

After a second, and final day of social media “conferencing,” I went downtown again to meet up with a couple other friends who live here: Nate, who I went to college with, and Lindsay M., who I worked with at the PR firm in D.C.

It was so great to see them both! And it was fun to introduce these people from two different times in my life. I love doing that!

We went to a place called the Kerryman Pub, a giant pub downtown. We had a beer and split a couple bottles of wine since it was ½ price bottle night – another thing I love! We all had a really great time getting caught up. Nate filled me in on his job, told me about his wife, and pumped me for info on all our college friends. Linds M. gave me all the juicy details about our terrible firm in D.C., how she left, who all left after us, and what was happening there now. The awfulness of the place was really what fueled my decision to leave D.C., and I took an evil delight in hearing how the, ahem, poop, had hit the fan.

Then Nate and I left to find his wife who was having dinner with a girlfriend. She was awesome and I’m hoping we’ll all get to hang out again while I’m here.

Stupidly, I didn’t take any pictures. Not one! We were too busy talking for me to think of it, I guess! I’ll make up for it if we all go out again this week.

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