Thursday, March 26, 2009

Career change - Anchorwoman

I was on Cheyenne's Ch. 5 news again this morning touting another Wyoming-made product.

Today's is Berried Delights out of Newcastle, Wyo. They make single and combination flavor jams, jellies, syrups and fruit butters.

I actually tasted these before going on - which was easier to do than last time's raw meat - and can say they were all very tasty.

The wild chokecherry jam is apparently their top seller, and I can see why! It was yummilicious!

Aside from the fact that I have to get up earlier than normal for a three-minute segment, I like it when Annie's gone and I get to play anchorwoman! haha.


MOM said...

These all sound good. It's amazing what comes out of these small towns. I think it would be very interesting introducing these businesses. I can see you loving this.

Tim Kilbride said...

Good thing your early morning food tastings at Annie's prepared you for this new phase of your professional career.

Bryzon said...

I watch that segment whenever I can, I never realised that was you. Yeah, I was telling my wife this morning that the plum syrup sounds really good.