Friday, March 6, 2009

The old homestead

My friend Jamie left me a message yesterday telling me an apartment is available in my old building that she may be interested in. She wanted to know what I thought of living could I begin to tell her how much I loved it?

My response:


I got your message last night and was planning to call you today!

So...the apartment that's available is on the corner too? Just five floors above where I was?? That is THE best location in the building for an apartment. You have tons of light and windows. You've got the little breakfast nook place. I LOVED that there was a sort of a "wall" "separating" the living room area from where my bed was. It made it seem like separate rooms.

I LOVED my apartment. The management was good at fixing things if there were problems. The location can't be beat - except when it comes to parking. That can be a real pain. But you'll get a feel for the good/bad parking times and places. I loved how all the church bells would ring around there on Sundays. I loved the smell of roasting coffee floating in the morning air from the Java Hut on 17th and Q - and I loved sitting there on weekend mornings having my bagel with cream cheese and lox. I loved the big trees in the front drive that would get all flowery in the spring...I loved being able to walk to the High Heel Races! There's a Whole Foods three blocks away! HR-57, Rosemary's Thyme...I LOVED how it was such a busy street in D.C., but in the early mornings you felt like you had it all to yourself. I loved hearing the transvestites coming home from Chaos. HAHAHAHA!!!

The laundry room was totally upgraded about two years ago. I hardly ever had problems in getting a machine. Ummmm...what else?

I think you would really, really enjoy it. Especially if it's the exact same apartment only a few floors up.

OMG!!! You might live in my old building!!!!!

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