Friday, March 13, 2009

Firsthand knowledge

I made the ribeye steaks tonight from that I took on the local news Thursday morning.

I lightly salt and peppered them and spritzed them with a little extra virgin olive oil and popped them in a 325 degree oven until they cooked to about medium-rare to medium doneness.

So now, instead of pitching a product I haven't tried, I can say with 100 percent certainty that they were delicious.

Maybe it's because they're "dry-aged for 21 days for maximum flavor and tenderness" (what I said on t.v.), or maybe it's that "all their beef comes from organically grown cattle with no antibiotics or hormones" (another line from t.v.), or maybe it was simply just an awesome cut of meat and I haven't had a steak in a long time.

Whatever the reason, I would totally eat it again. And would recommend it to others too...

Ok. I'm dropping my t.v. personality...

But...maybe I could interest you in the "$25 griller special" for the nice weather coming up...?

1 comment:

MOM said...

They sound really good, Kimberly. What do you get in the $25 griller? Sounds like it has possibilities.