Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just a regular Wyoming day

Not too much to report these last few days. It's just been life on the Plains...

The weather, though not quite as wintery as we were expecting in Cheyenne, has still been crummy, so I've had a couple quiet nights at home.

Tonight, for example, I signed up for a new gym, spent time making a nice dinner, and am currently drinking a tasty Colorado-based beer while blogging and watching the president's news conference.

Boring? Maybe. But not if you're into politics - ha!

The rest of the week is going to kind of pick up, so I've rather enjoyed a few nights to myself. On the docket for the next half? A work lunch, a potential lunch with Jonna, an appearance on Ch. 5 news Thursday morning to hock some Wyoming-made products, a couple friends from D.C., blowing through town (separately), girl's movie night tomorrow, the free dinner and a movie at the library on Thursday, and who knows what else this weekend.

Pretty tame so far, though - except for the excitement of getting new curtains hung in my bedroom...!

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