Friday, March 20, 2009


Today is the first day of Spring!

Even though I think we've only got a few days to enjoy it before it reverts back to more wintery weather, just knowing it's technically Spring feels GREAT!

I always have such outdoorsy goals around this time. It's the same this year. I have a check list of things I want to get out and do.

I envision myself:
*on long morning runs
*exploring the Curt Gowdy/Happy Jack area (which I haven't done at all yet) on both foot and bike
*turning the back "patio" of my building into a patio without quotes. Right now it's just an entrance to the back of our building through the alley, but I think it has real potential. I want to put my old D.C., breakfast nook table out there with a couple of chairs, put in some planters with flowers and herbs and just generally make it a place for coffee on weekend mornings and grilled burgers on weekday nights. And I want to be able to look out of my kitchen window at something more pleasant than an ugly slab of concrete covered in dead leaves with our trash cans in the alley. Ugh.
*getting a grill. I haven't had one since before D.C. Strangely, nine-story apartment buildings don't like for you to have open flames going. Weird.
*sitting outside until 9 p.m. or longer because it's still light out.
*having happy hours outside at the few places around town that have outdoor seating.
*Camping. Something else I haven't done in YEARS. Oh, and fishing. Aside from the fish I caught in Cody, Wyo., last August I can't tell you the last time I've done that.
*Wearing summery dresses. Yay!
*Going to the Cheyenne farmers' market at the Depot on Saturday mornings
*Sleeping with my windows open

Is anyone else excited?!


Kelly said...

I'm so happy spring is officially here. I've always liked that it comes the day after my birthday - sort of a belated birthday present. :)

Bryzon said...

My list has a lot of the same things. Getting out and walking/running would be nice since its been so bitterly cold and windy. I'd also like to get a grill and maybe cook out once a week or something. The farmer's market really sounds nice.

Stacey said...

I'm excited to play outside and get some projects done.

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

I can not wait to get out of this apartment and into the fresh air!!!!! I swear, we're trapped inside too much. It was much different when we lived out in the country because we always had a play date scheduled or were heading out to one of the many indoor play places around. The city just doesn't have enough of that sort of stuff- particularly the part that we live in.

A few days ago the weather was soooo nice and I spent the whole day outside with the girls park hopping and exploring South Street, which I've never gone to before.