Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cheap flicks and movie "confessionals"

I went to the Cole dollar theater tonight for the first time. It truly is $1. And they get good movies!

I'm probably one of the last people to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" who actually wanted to. And since it was super cheesy and predictable even by my chick flick connoisseur standards, I guess it was a good idea to wait until it hit the Cole.

(As a total sidenote I was the first person there and I really thought I was going to have the theater entirely to myself. That had never happened before, and though it sounds kind of fun, it was really rather creepy! Fortunately, a few more girls showed up, keeping it from being the perfect set up for a scene in a horror movie.)

Back to the movie. There was something about it that was kind of inspirational.

I used to be like the main character Rebecca. Ok, I wasn't a total shopaholic, and I never bought any high-end designers, but I did live in the city and liked a good trip to the mall. I loved going shopping and wearing something new to work, or running out to find something perfect for a dinner at a new restaurant or a big night out.

Of course, as a shopaholic Rebecca gets in over her head with her credit card and her finances are ruined. And as you can likely guess, it all magically works out, and oh yeah, she gets the guy in the end too.

I wish that's how it worked in real life and man, do I wish I could say shopping was the reason my finances are still in disarray! But it's not. I decided to quit my job with nothing lined up and move across the country for a new life. Every month I'm still figuring that unemployed time of my life out and it isn't exactly easy.

But leaving the theater I felt the same hopeful way Rebecca did. That's because I know everything I buy is paid for and I'll be figured out long before "D.C. Kim" ever would have been.

I think I'll be seeing a lot more movies at the Cole! I've never been one to pass up cheap entertainment.


MOM said...

I sure wish we had a $1 movie theatre here in Hermann.We used to have one in Littleton, CO we went to. New Haven has a theatre at discounted prices. Kelly and I'll have to try it out sometime. least you got something inspirational out of it.

Stacey said...

We have a dollar movie here but it's $2.50 or something. And the theater was absolutely disgusting! So I don't know about that one! :) I never wanted to see that movie. I do still want to see "He's Just Not that Into You". I want to see Bridewars too, even though I know that will be a cheesy predictable movie.