Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary...

I got this photo today from Jeff M. via phone:

It's hard to tell if you don't know what it is, but I knew instantly...

It's my beloved peony from the D.C., garden!

Jeff is in D.C., for the weekend and he and our other garden partner Sean went to visit the garden. The peony is enormous! Jeff counted 38 blooms!

Jeff and I have always had an ongoing banter about the peony. I wanted it very badly one year when we were planning out the garden. He thinks it takes up precious "real estate." I've spent years defending it against his "threats" to kill it. But even Jeff admitted he was impressed with my plant.

Then we got caught up on other garden news: the community swimming pool opened and there were already "hotties" taking advantage of it. The weirdos that troll the woods surrounding our plot were out in full force, and Chainsaw Charlie was sawing away on his endless pile of wood for his "government project."

Sounded like just another day in the garden.

And then Marine One flew over and I could hear it like I was there.

Just a typical D.C., Saturday afternoon.

Me and the peony when it was still a youngin'...

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MOM said...

I've got this picture, too, Kimberly. What a great little garden you and the guys had. I would be worried about the area around it, though, from the sounds of it. The peony is beautiful.