Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Secret garden

I've been working on the back patio area of my place; trying to get it cleaned up and get some flowers planted.

I think I have my mom's green thumb and a love of getting things in the ground.

In D.C., Jeff M. and I got in on a plot in a community garden. In one day (maybe two if we needed more supplies) we'd have the entire thing in. That included the buying of plants, turning over the ground, running off the crazy guy who's "project" was chainsawing a pile of random wood, and actually putting the plants in. We'd spend the whole day at it and then it was done.

We didn't plant flowers - except for my precious peony which is still there - we focused more on veggies.

I wish I could say my patio area was done, but nope - I've been working on it for a few weeks now. Jeff M. would be so annoyed with me! But then Jeff and I didn't have cold rain and 150 mph wind in May!

I have visions of a "secret garden", so the goal is to get it finished tomorrow night!


Kelly said...

I want a vegetable, herb and flower garden. A blue/purple flower garden to be specific. I want it all to be organic with no toxic chemicals. If a wascally wabbit wants to eat the carrots, he can have some. There's no reason to be selfish with gardens - there's usually more than enough to go around. Share and share alike. :)

MOM said...

Unless you are needing the food yourself:) The wildlife would love you Kelly. Maybe you should have a wildlife garden! We sure fed the rabbits in O'Fallon, at least with the burning bush. Kelly and I have driven by there, and the last bush is still getting eaten off:) Kimberly, hopefully you will have some pictures soon. Hope you enjoy the herbs. I have some basil to plant, and numerous other things. I got my tomatoes in the pot, until the raised beds are done.