Sunday, May 3, 2009

Race day!

I ran my first race of the season this morning in Ft. Collins.

I was signed up to do the Colorado 1/2 marathon, but with bad weather and a thrown out back, my last few weeks of training time were kind of ruined. So, I downgraded to the 10K, which ended up being really good.

I ran my fastest time in probably a year: 01:00:29. I am pretty darn proud of that!

The route started and ended in Old Town, and wound its way through a really nice neighborhood with awesome homes, down a country road, then along a bike path that followed the river.

During a race I have little mind games I play with myself to keep me focused. For example, I secretly compete against someone to keep a good pace, which I don't really think is abnormal. At one point, another girl and I were stride for stride - for about three miles. We chatted a couple of times and I found out she also had been training for the 1/2, but got sick and had to go down to the 10K. We were keeping up a really good pace - for me anyway - which was great. Then a little ways from the finish she kicked it up and left.

I also had a couple of girls right behind me the entire race. I heard all about the boy one girl liked, their diets, exercise routines, thoughts on plastic bags at the grocery store...the game there was to not let them pass me. If I heard them pick up a little I would do the same. But about 1/2 mile out they kicked it up also and I was left to finish on my own.

I'm not good at "kicking it up." I find a happy little pace and hunker down with it.

But it was today's happy little pace that got me to the finish with what I think is a very respectable time.

After the race: I'd left my camera in the car, so when I asked a random woman to a picture of me the only backdrop was the Drunken Monkey. Somehow that's somewhat appropriate...


MOM said...

The Drunken Monkey?! That is funny. Yay!!! Congrats on your time. I'm glad the weather cooperated for you. You think maybe if I get my pace up walking, I can be in a walking race? Just kidding. I don't think I could run like that. The route you had to take sounds neat. Good luck preparing for your next one.

Stacey said...

Congrats. You are WAYYYYY more movtivated than me! I wish I could run.