Saturday, October 24, 2009


Done: I've decided to change my blog and am super excited about the decision and my upcoming move to Wordpress.

Not done: I can't decide what to name the new space and consequently the URL.

I want the premise of it to change a bit. A friend said it should incorporate the two new loves in my life - Todd and Rigby - and I wholeheartedly agree.

So, I need to figure out a name that rolls love, life, and everyday living into one.

Until then, I'll keep writing here.

Oh, and I'm taking suggestions!


Kelly said...

I've tried Wordpress before. People seem to like it a lot.

Okay, suggestions.
-Frontier Days

-Prairie Dawn :)

-I'll Be Doggone!

-On a Meadow Lark
(get it? oh I'm so funny!)

MOM said...

Good ones, Kelly. How about Love on the Prairie, or Life on the Prairie? Maybe that's too simple. Prairie Dawn is good.

Kelly said...

I was sort of joking about Prairie Dawn, since she's a Sesame Street character, but it is kind of fitting: you're on the prairie and dawn is the beginning of new things (you're new life and career in WY + you're new life with Todd, a new house, and of course Rigby.) Maybe it's kind of cheesy, but something to think about. :)