Monday, October 19, 2009

Too many doggone choices

I had to buy dog food for Rigby yesterday and what an experience!

There's a million different kinds it seems for puppies, healthy weight management, skin and coat formula, vibrant maturity 7+ senior formula...

And this was just in the dry food aisle.

What ever happened to the days of some simple Purina or Ol' Roy? I know, I know food science is ever evolving. And yes, I want to make sure Rigby eats healthy, but really, does he need a lamb and rice or salmon based food?


So, he'll be eating a regular formula, but I still chose Pedigree. It's got to be good and delicious with a name like that, right?


Stacey said...

Pedigree is what we fed Ruby and Boscoe before she ended up needing a sensitive stomach formula. We are always recommended Iams by Vets (even without the stomach thing) and the couple times we got that, we definitley noticed a difference in Boscoes coat. It was a lot shinier.
You may just have to experiement a few times. Just remember when switching dogfood, to mix it with some of the old.

artemisia said...

We pay through the nose for Science Diet (Mature) for our pups. $50 a month! But, their coats look good and they still act like they are 5, even though they are almost 10.