Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The "Suite" life

I am in love with the new martini/tapas bar Suite 1901 in downtown Cheyenne.


Last night, Todd, Don and Annie, and I went to their jazz night. There was a live jazz band and a martini special - the JazzRazz.

The place is just so...not Cheyenne. You feel like you're dining in another city!

The music was awesome, and I think they've got their martinis right. I only had one JazzRazz (it's pretty sweet) then moved on to their Jet Black house wine, which is my favorite.
They have a different theme each night of the week including Cuban, big band swing, and more.
Suite 1901...bless you.

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Holly Lane said...

So sorry I missed it. I had a prior engagement with a horse;) Anyways I bet it won't be hard to convince you to go again;)