Friday, October 16, 2009

Heart breaker

Rigby just broke my heart!

Usually, he goes for a walk with me in the morning then goes to work with Todd in the field all day.

We had to leave him home once last week because Todd had to be in the office and couldn't take him. It was cold out, so we kept him in the shop, which is nicer, really, than some dogs get - the shop is heated.

He has to stay home again today, but fortunately it's supposed to be really nice. So, being a dog, he needs to stay outside.

Only I'M the one who had to leave him last this morning.

He seemed panicked to follow me, pawing at the gate and trying to fit himself through the part that's not flush with the house. And the sounds he made!! Oh! I've never heard him be so vocal! He was whining like he was desperate to have me not leave.

I know he needs to get used to being left alone. And he needs to be outside more, being a dog 'n all. But I think we're going to have to do this in baby steps. He needs to trust and understand that we're coming back and he's not being dumped again. We really need to focus on this because we have to leave him with friends for a full weekend in November so we can go to a wedding.

So, Todd and I are going to come home periodically today to check on him and show him that we do return.

He'll be fine. Be he still killed me this morning!


MOM said...

You'll find, Kimberly, he's kind of a clinger. He wanted to hear our voice or be with us every second. He definitely has separation issues right now until he gets a little older. He'll be ok, as long as he doesn't dig out or something. I kills you, doesn't it?

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

This is preparing your for motherhood. Someday you'll have a child who will do this when you drop her/him off at school... and you will look back at this experience with Rigby and remember how happy he was when you returned and how he gradually got used to it and learned to entertain himself and lay in the sun and have time alone with his thoughts and contemplations. Someday, this will comfort you. I promise.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Dog Whisperer. Seriously, rent his DVDs or netflix them. He goes over stuff like this and how to handle it. He'll save you and in the end Rigby will be happier for it. It is all about how YOU handle the situation.