Sunday, October 18, 2009


My new happy-maker item?

These dishes:

They are the new Fiestaware dishes I ordered online and that came in last night!

I've always been attracted to Fiestaware at antique stores/flea markets, but never could quite make the decision to just buy them. I don't know why, really. I think it mostly had to do with not knowing what kind of dishes I wanted and I didn't want to commit - and I felt like once you went Fiesta there was no going back.

I was right.

My new Fiesta dishes bring me so much happiness every time I pass my cupboards I wonder how I ever ate off anything else!

Though I've now become a raging fan of Fiesta, I'm not (yet, anyway) the person that has to have the latest color they come out with. And...I may love the way it looks when folks have lots of different colors of Fiesta stacked together, but I've decided not to make that leap least for now.

Instead, I'm going to stick with one color: turquoise. One of the things we got from the previous owners of our house was a set of super cute, yellow-handled silverware (displayed above). I thought turquoise Fiesta would look so good with those and, man, was I right! (If I do say so.)

So, now I'm slightly obsessed. I want - actually need - more sets of the turquoise so I can have place settings for all the dinner parties and guests I plan to entertain. And I'm really intrigued by the different baking dishes and casseroles there are and have been looking at different colors in these. (I don't want everything in turquoise - just the eating dishes for now.)

Another thing I love? They've been made in the U.S.A. since 1936.

God bless America!


MOM said...

I've always loved Fiesta, too. I have a pitcher in Fiesta. Love your new dishes and silverware. Sounds like a great Sunday. I tried to find Grandma's noodle recipe for you, and couldn't find it,just the dumplings. I know I have it, though, and think it's in her handwriting.

Kelly said...

I have a pitcher too, it's dark purple. Mom and I got ours at the Applewagon shop between here and Columbia.

My purple one's not in the pic.

I hardly use it - I keep forgetting about it! :)