Friday, May 23, 2008

"And I Live In a Small Town..."

My finest example of small town mountain living was on Tuesday.

I needed plastic to wrap the mattresses I was buying from Carrie.  I called Penske moving and nothing.  I looked at Wal-Mart...nothing.  Then I tried Colorado Mattress Company in Minturn and ended up talking to the chattiest and ultimately most helpful man ever.

I told him what I needed and he launched into a long explanation of how he, "used to buy plastic for just these situations and would sell it for $15 a pop, BUT the plastic that came on the mattresses he brings in is much heavier and nicer so he decided to just start selling that for$5."  


I said great and that I would stop by in the afternoon to pick some up.

To which he said, "Sounds good.  But I'm about to step out for lunch - I'm just going up the street though so it shouldn't be long, but call me before you come because you never know when I might pop out to deliver a mattress.  You know - here's what I'll do.  I'll just leave the plastic in the back with the door unlocked.  You just come by any time you can and leave the five dollars anywhere back there - no - you can just come on in and leave it on the desk.  That'll be just fine."


That's some trust and service (and information) you just don't get in the big city.


Kelly said...

At the Springfield-Tulsa baseball game, some random woman with her son sat down in front of us, then turned around and asked if we wouldn't mind watching her purse while they went to get some snacks.

artemisia said...

I love, love, love that about small towns. Love.