Thursday, May 1, 2008

Faves Old and New

I am ashamed to say that tonight is the first night I've explored my friend "Artemisia's" blog Sagebrush and Serendipity.  It's so pretty!  And though I haven't delved very far into it I like it very, very much!

It was a quote from Artemisia's profile, and another from a link to a blog she reads, that inspired this post and makes it Kim's Colorado relevant.  

Artemisia says, "It was the sagebrush that led me back the the West, but it was serendipity that led my heart and my life to A."  I love that, Artie! 

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, is written by someone I don't know, but I think it just might be my new favorite blog.  I love that she, "Over a decade ago, gave up my pumps and the conveniences of city life, all for the love of a rugged cattle rancher."  That quote shores me up.  I was so, so ready to leave D.C. and don't regret the move at all, but struggling with covering my bills on a kitchen shop salary and not knowing the how's and when's of what I want to do with my life, makes a big, ideal move like this hard some days.  

Anyway, the Pioneer Woman's site is pretty darn cute and at first glimpse I just want to hunker down and explore every page.  Check out her photo site on the bottom right.  Awesome.  

I also want to acknowledge some of my old "Faves."  It's hard keeping up with blogs, both writing them and reading them, but the ones I have linked are there for a reason.  They make up me, or my experience in Colorado in some way, and I want to share them with my readers.   

There's my youngest sister who has Coffey Life - all about her life with my brother-in-law and three crazy cute nephews. And she keeps a blog about her daycare too!  With three kids and an in-home job (that means even more kids!), I don't know how she does it.  And there's Kelly's Languages, my middle sister's blog about her amazing language-learning ability.  What does she know now?  Something like nine different ones!  Including Serbian...who knows that except Serbians?

The Oracle of Iniquity is completely irreverent, but the author is the Will to my Grace, so I keep readin'.

And the Unintentional Camper is a mix for me of agreement, disagreement, not knowing what to think and liking it all in one.  And he's my new Colorado BFF.

The others - and Citizen Jane Politics are great, political but non-partisan sites.   I want to share them on my blog because I think they're smart and informative - and they don't turn my site into a political rant.  

So, thanks to Artemisia and the Pioneer Woman who inspired this post.  I am so excited to read what they've got on their blogs and am hoping I will find some vein of familiarity.  

I also look forward to posts from my "old" faves and hope that you, reader, take a moment to check them out too!



Kelly said...

I'm glad you and Stacey got into the blogging spirit. I think Mom should create one. :)

artemisia said...


This is so very, very sweet of you! It is interesting coming back to the West, isn't it?

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman is a fantastic blog, isn't it? She writes with such beauty and wit. You can tell it is really her writing; it doesn't sound forced at all. And I just love, love, love her photo essays. The first blog post of hers I read was a photo essay of her eight-year-old daughter driving a full-sized pick-up and loaded trailer through the mud my herself. What wonderful character that little girl must already have!