Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Change of Direction's been a while since I've posted.

I've kind of had a few things going on last week, making the blog back burner.  

One was Tyler's arrival.  Between hanging out and sharing computer time at the apartment it's been kind of hard to get on the site.

But bigger than that has been the work/life/finances/apartment dilemma I've constantly found myself in since moving from D.C., - and things kind of came to a head last week.  

In a nutshell, after many meltdowns over my ongoing struggle to figure out what I want to do with my life, I've decided it's time to get down to business and focus.

So, I'm moving to Laramie.  What will this do to the title of the blog?  Good question.  I haven't decided how to handle that yet...

But, with Carrie moving back to D.C., and me losing the girl I was going to live with in Carrie's apartment (also to the East Coast), discovering I won't be able to cover my bills on a kitchen shop salary once I have to start paying rent, being tired of not knowing what I want to do and where I'll be happy...I've decided Laramie just makes sense right now.  

Linds threw the idea out to me last Wednesday after some kitchen shop drama and stress from figuring out where I would live after Carrie and I leave her apartment this coming Friday.  At first I was hesitant.  The idea made me feel like that relative who bounces from one kinsfolk's house to another, stopping in for a quick visit and never really leaving until something happens to force them out, or they're just asked to go.  

However, as Linds said, all my stuff is already there.  In her garage.  I wouldn't have to worry about rent - saving me from a second job - and maybe this would give me some time to actually focus on figuring out what I want to do and where.  

So...I told her to expect me on Thursday (to which she replied she would let the neighbors know in case I decided to party it up and end up at one of their houses).  Surprisingly, I'm quite content with the idea.  For right now, anyway.  

But that still leaves the question of the blog.  Perhaps Kim's Colorado was turning out to be a little narrow in scope.  I mean, how can I limit myself to just one state?  Maybe I need to cover the entire West!  I'm open to ideas, if anyone has any thoughts.  

Until Wednesday, however, this will still be Kim's Colorado, and who knows?  Maybe when I get my act together it will be once again.


The Oracle of Iniquity said...

maybe the blog should be called Kim the Carpet Bagger, or Kim the Wandering Gypsy or Where in the World is Kim Sears.

artemisia said...

You are answering some big questions, and that is never easy. I don't know that I am as brave as you. I am proud of you, missy!

And! Yay! Laramie! Now we can get together and catch up and have tea and cook.

Let's bring back Mimosa Mondays, shall we?

Stacey said...

Maybe Tony and the boys and I will take advantage of you being in Laramie and come for a visit and stay for free at the Motel 8! I MISS LARAMIE!!!