Friday, May 23, 2008

On The Road - Here We Go Again

Well, I'm off again, packing all my crap into my car and driving off into the sunset.

I'm heading to Laramie to spend some time at Linds H.'s house. So, here are my thoughts as I drove from Vail to Laramie on Wednesday night...

- My car is packed to the roof - I can't see out - and I have mattresses strapped to my car. I look like Sanford & Son, or probably more like the Beverly Hillbillies.

- Around Frisco. The weather over the mountains is snowy looking. Oh, here it is. It's like...sleetballs. I'm sure there's a much more technical word for this. Or maybe I've just coined a new meteorological term. I'm on the phone with my sister Kelly and we're laughing about it.

- Kelly and I are also brainstorming the new name of the blog, since I won't be living in Colorado for the time being I need to change it. She suggests Westward Ho. Hmmm...would have been a good one for the move West. Home on the Range? Doesn't work either since I technically don't have a home...still thinking.

- My car Gwennie hates me. I keep forcing her up mountains lugging massive quantities of crap. I won't be one bit surprised if she decides to quit on me just out of spite.

- We're (Gwennie and I) rockin' out to Unskinny Bop by Poison. I hope the music motivates her up the mountain to the Eisenhower Tunnel.

- It's remarkably easy driving with the mattresses on top. I'm surprised.

- So...I have to live in Colorado. I just bought Colorado plates!!

- Something in my car smells like green onions.

- North of Denver: The wind is really picking up. This is the second time I will drive into Laramie with a vehicle situation where I could blow off the road.

- About 100 tumbleweeds have blown in front of me. I have the same reaction every time, like a rabbit or deer has popped out of the ditch at me.

- Wind is really bad now. And it's starting to rain some. I hope the mattresses don't get wet. The rope and straps are holding really well though!

- A gust of wind just about blew me off the road. Think I'll put two hands on the wheel.

- I can't WAIT to get to Cheyenne so I can get on 80 West! The wind will be mostly behind me then. Argh!

- Coming into town. Wind is better, but it's still raining. I'll just drop the mattresses at J and Jonna's tomorrow. I think they're fine.

It took five hours to drive to Laramie instead of the 3-3 1/2 it normally would. I pull in at 11:30 p.m., unload the food and some stuff to get me to bed and hit the hay.

Now to figure out what I'll do with myself...


Kelly said...

I can't believe you type and talk on the phone while driving! I can't multitask and drive - I've even tried the 'steer with your knee while eating a cheeseburger' stunt and failed. That was funny about the sleetballs. Mom and I have decided to call you Dorothy because of your little tornado run-ins. :)

Aaron said...

Kim...the word for the "sleet balls" is grouple. It is an mixture which resembles both snow and hail. I am glad you survived the storm, ie. tornado 2 blocks away from your new "home." Exciting Kim. Live it up. Good luck.