Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday was the much anticipated Boulder Boulder and, I'm proud to say, I ran the whole darn thing without stopping once - not even for water.

By my watch I ran it in 1 hour 5 minutes. This isn't the most stellar of times, but I could care less. My goal wasn't to finish with a certain time, it was just to finish without stopping. And without needing a respirator.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the outcome, especially since I tacked two miles on to my running yesterday cold. There was no building up, no slowly increasing mileage...I think I took my legs by surprise!

The race is fun too. It's the largest 10k in the country - this year alone we heard there was something like 56,000 people registered - and there are lots of bands and music along the way to keep you motivated. However, since it's Boulder the choices for musicians were sometimes a little folksy - not the Top 40 hip-hop stuff with a beat I need to keep me going.

My only real complaint is the giant two-tiered hill at the end. What's up with that?? Seriously. Just when you think you're home free the race planners throw you for a loop by making you climb to Folsom Field on the CU campus.

It's just mean. But, on the other hand, the race also ends in the middle of their football field, which you have to run around with hundreds of people watching you from the stands. It kind of makes you feel like a superstar athlete as you cross the finish line...which just happens to be at the base of another giant hill you must climb to get to the water stands and post-race snacks.

Regardless, I think I found me a new annual race. Next year that hill at the end is mine...

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Bob Mein said...

Congrats! I've run it three times and that hill is the vegetables before the sweet dessert of running into Folsom Field. Well done and keep your chin up!