Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Everything But the Kitchen Sink - 5

Some random thoughts from my day...

I don't understand why, when there is a perfectly wonderful, scenic bike route that precisely follows the road, bikers feel the need to ride in the gravelly, skinny shoulder.

In D.C., you have to watch out for bike messengers, here you have to be cognizant of everyone who wants to be Lance Armstrong.

Normally, I don't care, and I even find it Colorado-endearing to have bikers in their full-regalia flying along the side of the road.

But today, the biker who inspired this thought was weaving and causing cars to be extra cautious of his next move - intentional or not. I'm sorry, but wearing the requisite "bike gear" - spandex, a shirt that looks like you've got a sponsor, and a helmut - experienced biker does not make.

A girl came into the store today wearing a questionable outfit comprised of cropped pants, some random shirt and spiked heels. She looked pretty out of place in our laid-back environment here, and truth be told, I was pretty judgmental at first. It was all based on the fact she was wearing spiked heels, in a kitchen shop, on a Tuesday afternoon, for no apparent reason. Then I caught myself. I recalled that on some days *I* really want to wear spiked heels here for no apparent reason. It just doesn't fit the atmosphere here, but, by golly, sometimes I want to break that rule myself. So, I kept my thoughts in check and decided to admire her and not condemn her. You go girl! And besides, with what I was wearing today - green and white striped shirt, bright yellow pants and silver flats - I hardly think I am one to talk about fitting in. P.S. I love my yellow pants...

Roadside waterfalls: Have you ever been driving, particularly in the Colorado Rockies, and noticed the full-fledged waterfalls flowing down the rock beside the interstate and contemplated WHERE THAT WATER IS GOING?! Seriously. There is no creek, river, stream, or anything, for that matter, flowing along the road to direct that amount of water. It's like it comes from some magical stream above and disappears into a black hole at the base. I can't tell you how many times - since I was little - I have wanted to pull over and investigate just where that water is going. It's a total mystery. I guess I haven't done it for a couple reasons: first, I usually don't want to stop mid-hill going up a mountain, and second...I imagine I might be just as disappointed to learn where that water goes as I was when I found out how ships get inside bottles.

So I keep truckin'. But I am curious nonetheless.

A woman came in last week who bought a Vail Cooks for You cookbook - one I want very badly. She said her thing is to buy cookbooks from all the places she visits. I think this is great!! It's much better than the shot glasses I have collected since high school, but I guess this depends on perspective! I'm totally inspired and am totally going to steal her idea. How quaint!

I have eaten obnoxious amounts of Wheat Thins the past week. We have them sitting out almost every day at our food sample table and I have definitely been making a meal out of them. Oh, while we're on the subject of food obsessions, my new favorite sandwich is hummus and avocado on completely natural, whole wheat bread. I have had one every day for about a week now. Delicious. I'm sure I'll burn out on this soon.

That's all. Not many thoughts to share today...though I think some are quite deep! Haha.

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