Friday, May 9, 2008

A Monumental Day

I got my Colorado plates today!  I am officially a Greenie!  

I'm so excited and proud of my lil' green and white mountain plates. 

The remarkable thing?  The entire process, including a VIN inspection and driving time from the police department to the Eagle County Annex, was 40 minutes.  FORTY MINUTES!!  The whole experience was such an absolute, 100 percent different one than a visit to the D.C., DMV ever is.  

When I walked into the County Clerk's office I was confused.  There was no JumboTron displaying which number was next - crap - I didn't even see a place where you took a number!  So I walked hesitantly forward only to be called up by the next clerk before I could even sit down.  

The clerk took my info and my check and within 15 minutes she was sliding my new tags across the counter to me.  I was in awe.  I told her this was the most pleasant DMV experience I have had in eight years and thanked her profusely for her help.  

No anger, no cursing, no threatening to ruin the clerk and the entire DMV system...

I walked out to the parking lot with my blood pressure in check and was about to get in my car when I saw Bob's Place, a sports bar, next door.  I decided to go in and have a celebratory beer.  

The bartender looked at my license and commented on how he doesn't see many of those (D.C.) I.D.s , and I thought, "This might be your last one in a while too."

I ordered my beer and realized moments later the significance of the Coors Light he passed across the bar to me.  

I settled back with my Colorado brewed beer and watched some ESPN on one of the many televisions in the place - and some show on a few other screens where what looked like a baby badger was messily tearing into some fresh caught dinner.  

Oh, Colorado.

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