Monday, July 7, 2008

Back on the Horse

Today was my very first day of work at my new job!

I've traded in my daily wardrobe of workout clothes for work clothes complete with high heels, which were a little hard on the ol' tootsies since I've been flip-flop and fancy free for a while now.

It was a pretty typical first day with paperwork and introductions. I did, however, send out a news release under my name (though my boss is really the one who wrote it), and will begin drafting two more releases tomorrow.

Seeing all the old reporter names I used to work with and trying to get up to speed on Wyoming news/issues I've fallen behind on gave me a "blast from the past" feeling. I was really involved with Wyoming stuff and people from Wyoming while in D.C., but getting back into the thick of things made me feel like I was in the senator's office again.

It's neat - and totally weird.

Here's something fun that I'm really looking forward to with my new job: Cheyenne Frontier Days is coming up and part of my job is to help manage media who are attending. The CFD has a rule that all media wear "cowboy attire" at all events, which means I must also cowgirl myself out.

The first event is Thursday evening.

I guess I should start polishin' up my boots!


MOM said...

That sounds like it's right up your alley, Kimberly. You will probably know a lot of people. Will Coy and the group be there, too? I'm sure you'll run into him from time to time again. Wow, the first event already! When is Cheyenne Days? Have fun.

artemisia said...

First - I love that you Mom comments. AWESOME.

Second - send me an e-mail with the details of your new job! woo hoo! It sounds FUN. I miss press releases and stuff to do with The Hill. I don't miss the egos, though!

Stacey said...

Congrats on your first day. I tried calling you tonight on our way home from Minn. to see how it went yesterday.
It sounds like you will be doing what you love! Hope it all works out.
You should wear your gingham dolly parton getup with your red cowgirl boots....for all of you who havent' see this outfit - I think that's it's very important that you post a picture Kimberly!