Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On the Road - One Last Time (Part 1)

Yesterday I started bringing stuff from my "life wall" in Laramie over to Cheyenne. This should be my last move for awhile - and thank heavens! Three moves - and a brief stay in Missouri - over a four month period is enough.

Since it will take a few trips to get me all moved, this is Part 1 of the last On the Road installment. I didn't do this one by mile marker like I have in the past.

-Here I am once again with a loaded down car and mattresses on top. It's almost as windy as it was driving through pre-tornado winds in Colorado - only this is normal here.
-My landlord will be so pleased to see me pull up in front of his Ford dealership looking like the Clampets. At least I drive a Ford...
-This is my shortest move yet! Awesome.
-Hmmm...something is flapping. I hope it's not a strap...Nope. Just the plastic on the mattresses.
-Ah, lightening. Great. That means a storm is coming. That will make moving mattresses by myself a lot of fun!
-Dave Matthews is on the radio. I hate Dave Matthews. I never could get into him. I like only a few songs and the rest is bunk.
-I'm listening to the radio and not my 'pod because I want/should reacquaint myself with the Wyo stations.
-After gauging the clouds I think I'm ahead of any weather. Fingers crossed!
-Jonna and I did a good job loading the mattresses, if I do say so...
-I hate mealy apples. They are SO disappointing.
-I love the peony Jonna gave me from one of her bushes - and the Dasani vase is a nice touch.
-I also love seeing the grass rippling in the wind.
-I can't wait to be in my apartment! I can't believe I will be living in Cheyenne. So weird!
-haha! I will look so classy driving through downtown Cheyenne with my mattresses! haha! The last time I drove through town with mattresses on my car was in D.C. right after I got my apartment in Dupont. Oh what a vision for those trendy Dupont folks! Me, an old Ford Tempo and some mattresses. All class!
-It's freakin' wind city out here and the giant windmills aren't doing jack. They're completely still!
-I must say, I've been pretty impressed with Laramie's 96.7 "The Planet." They've certainly started playing a good modern selection of music all the time v. having an evening radio show for the new cool stuff like they used to.
-I hate it when people drift into my lane when they're passing.
-I'm about to get my key and write my first super cheap rent check. Ha - that's for the folks in D.C. haha...
-Landlord with a smile: "Nice use of the Escape to carry mattresses."

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Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with you if you hate Dave Matthews. I can't believe I let such a blasphemer live with me. - LH