Sunday, July 13, 2008

Get Along Lil' Doggies

This morning was the Cheyenne Frontier Days cattle drive. This is an important part of CFD, since it's when the cattle that will be used for the rodeos are moved from their happy little pasture to Frontier Park.

I didn't want to miss this, so I got up early, threw on my boots and headed out.

The majority of the drive follows a frontage road along I-25.

Me and two other cars staked out a pretty good spot on a dirt road off the frontage, only to be told moments later by a CFD official that we'd need to move back - the cattle were going to come straight through the field on our right, and we'd be smack in the middle of them.

Here's a fun little slide show of the event:

**Putting your cursor on the photo will give you the option in the bottom right to stop the slideshow for a longer look. It's going pretty fast as it is, and I didn't see a way to set it at a different speed.**

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Stacey said...

I wish I could be there. I LOVE cowboy stuff, and pictures. I can't wait to be back!