Monday, July 14, 2008

Bagelmaker's Bounty

I have eaten more bagels in a month than I have in probably a year.

The Bagelmaker's coffee/bagel shop on Central Ave. has been a staple of my diet for the past few weeks.

I would stop here for lunch when I was in Cheyenne scouting places to live. And, when I first moved over and hadn't gone to the grocery store yet, I again visited for a fast lunch on my way back to the office.

I used to eat Bagelmaker's almost every day in college. Particularly, and ironically, one sandwich called the Vail Valley. Eating there was basically free for me. I earned lots of "Union" bucks from the Admission Office for giving millions of campus tours. The play money was good any place in the Student Union and eating with "Monopoly" money was more economical than spending my own.

So, upon my arrival to Cheyenne I chose Bagelmaker's because it was familiar, easy to get to, and one of the only places I know right now for lunch.

As usual, I try to pick the healthiest thing on the menu, but I don't think a bagel a day operates the same way an apple does. So, I'm starting to curb this habit because my wallet - and my waistline - can't afford it.

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