Thursday, July 3, 2008

New digs

I spent my first night in the new apartment a couple nights ago. It was great!

I unpacked the first load of stuff and started in on the business of figuring out where everything should go. I always think this part is fun - at least for the first few days. If it's not done quickly I get annoyed and each box becomes less like Christmas morning and more like a chore.

This move is actually a little challenging because I have so much more space. You would think that would make unpacking easier, but it's kind of not. I have to continually adjust my way of thinking because I forget I don't have to consolidate and come up with creative ways for storing my belongings, i.e. my dressers can actually be dressers and not an entertainment center/storage space combo.

The kitchen is always the most time consuming, for me anyway, because I am addicted to old dishes and I like to cook. (For some friends, let's say Kara, this isn't a problem.) As I washed up some dishes I popped open a nice bottle of wine from Tarara Winery in Virginia, compliments of Jenn T. I love this winery and Jenn gave me the bottle as a going away present. I told her I would save it for a special occasion out West, and I thought my first night in a new apartment fit the bill.

Everything about the place seems great so far except one thing: the washer, which is basically one model up from the kind where you have to crank your clothes through a ringer. I'm really concerned about washing my nice clothes in there. There's no "gentle" cycle - heck, there aren't really any cycles! Jonna and J just got a new washer and dryer that apparently works miracles on clothes. After a recent testimonial about a 10-year old item of J's coming out sparkling and looking like new, I think they should be forewarned they just might find me hanging out in their laundry room under a giant pile of my dirty clothes.

My first night was also a little weird.

I am so used to sleeping with all my stuff in basically one room. I laid in bed for a long time trying to get used to all the space around me before I finally drifted off to sleep, only to be woken up at 4 a.m. by I'm what I'm pretty sure was the ghost of a dog at my window. Oh well, I've been dying for a dog and since I can't have a real one I guess the ghost of one will have to do.

That was it! My first night in my new home. It's far from being put together, but it's getting there. I already have guests booking the spare room, so when I get back from this holiday weekend I'll really need to get on the ball!


MOM said...

Ghost dog? What do you mean? Aren't you on a second level at your apartment? Good luck getting the rest moved in to your apartment.

Stacey said...

I still haven't seen those pictures of your apartment! Re-email me them. I want to see too!