Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Western Speak

Justin McKee, the CFD rodeo announcer, had some real Western doozies during the week. His Western sayings, which I'd never heard the likes of before, added some real flavor to each of the events. He was gone for a couple days and a new announcer stepped in, but he just wasn't the same. Thank heavens Justin was back for Finals Sunday!

Here is my compilation of Justin McKeeisms from the week:

"That bull bucked him off faster than the banker could tell me no!"

"That bull/bronc shucked him like a cob of corn!"

"Well, that bull/bronc yanked the yee-haw right out of him!"

"He stuck to that bull like sorghum on the side of a biscuit!"

"That bronc is wilder than Wyoming mountain scenery!"

"That calf was runnin' like a fugitive! He was gettin' some gone!"

"That cowboy brought him down like the steer said somethin' 'bout his mama!"

"That calf was runnin' like it had race horse feet!"

"When he gets to goin' he looks like a haybayler with a jet engine!"

"You could have driven a Dodge 4500 Ram truck under that horse!"

And my favorite, which made everyone look at eachother and ask, "What the...?"

"That bull's got more moves than a maggot in hot grease!"


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MOM said...

Those sayings are hilarious, Kimberly. I'm just getting to reading your last few postings. It sounds like the Frontier Days sure kept you busy. Thank you very much for all the great pictures of my favorite state.