Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Breaking news: Winter is cold

I am watching Dateline right now and have to comment on one of their "major" stories: the frigid temperatures sweeping the nation.

It is very curious to me how this is a major story - as if cold and wind weren't normal conditions in several parts of the country during the winter months.

In Cheyenne, for example, we've had -36 degree temperatures, and frequently I see wind warnings for gusts of 50+ mph. Numbers that, according to Dateline, put us colder than a meat locker or the top of Mt. Everest. And, I'm sure, if any place but Wyoming saw wind like we do, hurricane evacuation plans would be quickly acted on.

And yet, we are completely overlooked.

I guess there's nothing newsworthy in something so every day.


MOM said...

We've wondered about that in Wyoming, too, Kimberly. It never makes the news for their wind, which would push a sidewinder sideways:) It's frigid everywhere.

Kelly said...

I know, you mean it's cold in Minnesota?? When blizzards start hitting Key West make a big deal out of it.

Stacey said...

Maybe it's a good sign that there is nothing else to report! Ever the optimist!