Monday, January 19, 2009

Mimosa Monday - bringin' it back

My friend Dave R. and I started this great event several years ago in D.C., called Mimosa Monday (MM). Any time we'd have a Monday off for a federal holiday, a big group of us would get together at someone's place for a potluck brunch and pitchers of mimosas.

We kept it up for a long time. But inevitably people started to get busy, started to move, or started to make a little more money to travel with on long weekends, and MM started to fall by the way-side.

But in it's glory days MM was a big deal. There would easily be at least 15 people at each one - and sometimes parents, hanging out, eating tons of breakfast food, and drinking pitcher after pitcher (from our special MM pitcher) of mimosas until the early afternoon.

When someone DID move, they took the MM tradition with them. We've had MM from L.A., and NYC for example.

Today...I brought it to Wyoming. Linds, Jonna, April and I had our own little MM this morning at Jonna's place. It was small, but it was fun, and importantly, it was back.

The menu: Two kinds of frittatas, yogurt with tropical flavored granola, bananas, and english muffins. And of course a big pitcher of mimosas!

Jonna with frittatas fresh from the oven...

Me mixing the magic elixir...



MOM said...

Steve and I made it to one of the mimosa Monday's, and I couldn't believe the good food. We still get mimosas once in a while with breakfast, when we're traveling. CHEERS!!!

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

Going out for brunch and getting mimosa's is one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday morning. There's something so luxurious about it. It sort of makes me feel like a star. But and old star. Like from Dallas or Dynasty. Ha!